Housing and Residence Life


On behalf of the entire Housing and Residence life staff, welcome to Barry University!

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing opportunities that contribute to your learning and development as well as further enhancing your university experience.

Research shows that students who live on campus perform better academically and graduate earlier than their off campus counterparts. Your residential experience will provide you with many new freedoms and personal choices, an experience in which you will meet students from all over the world, from an extremely diverse background that will help you in developing life-long friendships, and connections that span the globe.

Living in a residence hall community requires considerable cooperation, maturity, and, above all, respect for others. What you choose to do in your living, studying, and recreational environment will greatly influence your total academic experience. A room, apartment or house will come to mean many things to each student. More than just a place to live and study, it will provide a place where college memories are made. Living with roommates and other students provides you an opportunity to learn about others as members of the university residential community, and gain effective communication skills.

This community offers an environment that can contribute not only to academic achievement, but to social, recreational, and spiritual development as well. University residence halls have much to offer, but it is the responsibility of the students to make their housing unit a pleasant and meaningful place in which to live.

If there is any way that I can assist you please let me know. On behalf of the Department of Housing and Residence Life; welcome to Barry University.

Matthew R. Cameron
Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Housing and Residence Life
University Title IX Investigator
Pronouns: "he/his/him"