Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Call the School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) at 305-899-3300 or 1-800-945-2279 and schedule an advising appointment or to request more information about your area of interest (Remember, Barry University has program sites throughout the state of Florida from North Florida to South Dade).

When are classes held?

The School of Professional And Career Education offers 4 ten-week terms per year, and classes meet only once a week in the evenings or on Saturdays.

Can I transfer credits from other schools I've attended?

Yes! Generally, up to 64 credits are accepted from an accredited associate's degree program, and up to 90 credits in total from other degree programs!

What if my credits were earned in another country?

You only need to have them translated into U.S. standards. Your advisor has information on local companies which provide this service.

Are there other resources I can use to earn additional credits?

You can earn up to 30 credits from your professional work experience through our portfolio program as well as licenses, certifications and testing options.