Women's Soccer Volunteers At Thanksgiving Food Drive

Women's Soccer Volunteers At Thanksgiving Food Drive
Photo by Denise Brolly.

MIAMI—The Barry women’s soccer team participated in a Thanksgiving Food Drive on Saturday, November 23 with the Christ Fellowship Church in downtown Miami. 

Christ Fellowship partnered with Big Heart Brigade for their annual Thanksgiving meal preparation. This year, they prepared 100,000 meals to give away to those who possibly would not have a meal on Thanksgiving.

“The community hours were a complete success this week,” freshman midfielder Aleja Sanchez said. “Everyone was working so hard and it was so nice to see people give back because they wanted to. It shows that there are good people left in the world. It felt amazing to be able to give families the opportunity to celebrate a wonderful holiday like Thanksgiving. I'm so glad we volunteered and hope we do it again soon!”

The Bucs spent the morning along with about 150 other volunteers packing Thanksgiving meals to be handed out to the less fortunate families in our Miami community.

“It was good to be able to help people that are less fortunate than us and hope they can enjoy their Thanksgiving,” junior forward Jojo Frigerio said.

The team split up in two different groups, one packing food baskets with all the favorites to make that special thanksgiving meal. The other group assisted in putting together bags with some healthy goodies for the kids of these families. 

“It was a rewarding feeling knowing we were helping others less fortunate and helping them have a happy Thanksgiving,” sophomore forward Laura Rockel said.

“The most fulfilling part of the whole morning came when we handed out the packages to families that came to the mission,” head coach Denise Brolly said. “Seeing their faces after receiving these baskets truly made the day worthwhile.  The team really did a great job and they all enjoyed every second serving the community.”

“It was a very good thing to do and opened my eyes,” junior keeper Becca Rogers said.

“Going to the community service this week felt great,” freshman midfielder Karla Monge added. “We were able to give back to the kids and their families; I haven't done that in a while so I felt like a helping person. I really enjoyed it and would like to do it more in the future.”

Christ Fellowship is made up of volunteer Ministry Teams that help to serve the community and the church. They believe every Christian should enjoy God working through them to serve others.

“It felt amazing to be surrounded with such positive and caring people,” sophomore defender Amber Smith said. “My team and I seemed to really have a great time and enjoyed helping others. I hope that sometime in the near future we will have another opportunity to give back to our community and to those who are less fortunate.”