Barry's Ecological Sustainability Team (B.E.S.T)

      One critical aspect of Barry's Core Commitments is an expectation that all members of the Barry community "recognize the sacredness of Earth." This commitment has re-invigorated a spirit of respect for nature and a desire to reduce human consequences to nature. It has also sparked the development of new and renewed ecological sustainability efforts throughout the University at the President's request.

      The purpose of Barry's Ecological Sustainability Team (BEST) is to address environmental issues and to increase sustainability throughout all of the Barry University campuses and facilities through efforts such as recycling, double-sided printed or paperless correspondence, reduced energy consumption, education and awareness of ecological impacts, and promotion of Earth-friendly practices.

      News and Upcoming Events

      Every April, Barry University joins nations, organizations and individuals around the world to celebrate Earth Day as a means to create awareness and a call to action to live sustainably and protect God’s creation.

      • Barry University’s Miami Shores campus will be celebrating Earth Day on April 7th.
      • Barry University’s Law School will hold the 2015 Environmental and Earth Law Summit Climate Disruption: Choosing our Environmental Destiny on April 9th in Orlando, Florida.

      For more information on BEST, please contact the Office of Mission Engagement at 305-899-3599 or .

      ECO Tips

      Are you breaking Florida’s law by trashing rechargeable batteries?

      Under Florida law, it is illegal to discard nickel-cadmium or small sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries or products containing such rechargeable batteries in the trash. The batteries must be recycled or sent to a facility permitted to dispose of those batteries. Rechargeable batteries include those used on laptops, small electronics, hearing aids, watches, calculators, smaller equipment and backup power supplies, portable electronics and toys, consumer electronics, portable power tools, phones, old style cell phones and small equipment.


      Barry University provides students, faculty and staff with a place to drop-off rechargeable batteries, ink cartridges, cell phones and other small electronics for proper recycling year round. The main collection bin, labeled Dade Recycling, is located in the Thompson Hall Lobby. Additional locations will be announced.


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