College Brides Walk

College Brides Walk

College Brides Walk

On September 26th, 1999 Just Moments Before She Was To Be Married, Gladys Ricart Was Murdered By A Jealous Ex-Boyfriend.

Exactly two years later, Myhosi "Josie" Ashton took a 12 credit college internship and walked 1,300 miles from Gladys' home in Ridgefield, New Jersey to Miami, Florida. In her own wedding dress, Ashton took this journey to commemorate Ricarts' death and bring attention to issues of domestic and dating violence. Originally known as "The Brides March" annual walks in New York, Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Dominican Republic and our home in Miami have continued to shed light on these important issues.

The National Center for Victims of Crime report that 39%-54% of dating violence victims remain in physically abusive relationships and 60% of acquaintance rapes on college campuses occur in casual or steady dating relationships. These alarming statistics made it clear that The Brides March needed to be brought to some of the most at risk populations of dating violence and sexual assault, college students. In 2010, a small team driven by a large vision to promote healthy relationships on college campuses created, The College Brides Walk.

Since then, Barry University has proudly hosted The College Brides Walk as they continue to create a platform for youth to provide solutions, discuss options, and express themselves in a creative and healthy way about the issues of dating violence. In conjunction with Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, Johnson & Wales University, Lynn University, Miami Dade College- West Campus and Nova Southeastern University over 1,500 college students, high school students, and community members in wedding gowns and all white attire walk in solidarity to put an end to violence on and off campus.

The 2021 College Brides Walk Dating and Domestic Violence Awareness events will be taking place remotely, due to the pandemic, throughout the month of February. The following Zoom panels, workshops, readings, and discussions will include information on consent, stories of survivors and activists, the effects of COVID-19 on this topic, and law enforcement responses to dating and domestic violence.

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2021 College Brides Walk Dating and Domestic Violence Awareness Events All events will be held virtually via Zoom via links below.

February 9, 6:30-8:00 pm: Survivor panel. Hear the stories of domestic violence survivors. Sponsored by No More Tears.

February 11, 4:00-5:30 pm, Deliberative Dialogue “Say Her Name! Working for Social Justice at the Intersection of Race and Gender, sponsored by Barry University’s Center for Community Service Initiatives. ***requires separate registration. Please inquire with Laura Finley,

February 12, 10-11:30: College Brides Walk Opening Session. Listen to speakers and performers about dating and domestic violence awareness. See sponsors below.

February 12-18: Virtual College Brides Walk. Use the app Strava to track your own safe walk, add photos and videos. Sign up for a free account, join the College Brides Walk Club, and look for the College Brides Walk event. Share your photos at #CollegeBridesWalk and tag #BarryUniversity.

February 12-28: Additional actions to address domestic and dating violence. Recommendations will be provided for how participants can safely get involved. See

February 15, 6:30-8:00 pm: Advocate and Activist panel. Hear from people helping to end domestic violence, as part of College Brides Walk. 2021.

February 17, 1:00-2:00 pm: Workshop on Gender Inequality, Domestic Violence and COVID-19, sponsored by The Humanity Project, as part of College Brides Walk 2021.

February 19, 10:00-11:00 am: Law Enforcement Responses to Domestic Violence presentation, and presented by Dr. Michael Alecia, Barry University Social Work professor, as part of College Brides Walk 2021.

February 23, 6:30-8:00 pm: Reading of the play Borrowed by Willie Fernandez and discussion thereafter, sponsored by The Humanity Project, as part of College Brides Walk 2021.

February 25, 6:30-8:00 pm: Know Your ABCs—Agency, Boundaries and Consent Workshop. Nicole Perry presents about creating and maintaining healthy relationships, as part of College Brides Walk 2021.

If Anyone You Know, An Adult Or Teen, Who Needs Help Getting Free From An Abusive Situation, Please Contact:

Local Resources:

No More Tears,

Women In Distress:

Lotus House:

Miami Dade Coordinated Services:

National Domestic Violence Hotline:

Partners and Sponsors include The Humanity Project, No More Tears, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, Barry University’s School of Social Work and Center for Community Service Initiatives, Johnson and Wales University, Nova Southeastern University, Broward College, and Florida Memorial University.