A message from the Public Safety Department

A message from the Public Safety Department

Please remember that when traveling the local streets around the Barry campus, the speed limit is 30 miles an hour. Please obey all traffic signs/lights and obey the school zones at all times.

Public Safety would like to remind the Barry Community that criminals love the holidays as much as everyone else, mainly because it is a perfect opportunity to commit a crime. Keep these holiday safety tips in mind for a safe and happy holiday season.

 Holiday Shopping:

  • Minimize after-dark shopping
  • Wait for a close space
  • Shop with friends
  • Carry a minimal wallet
  • Put valuable items, including portable navigation systems and other electronics in your trunk before you park your car; never leave anything inside the interior portion of your vehicle including gym bags, backpacks, etc.
  • Avoid large amounts of cash
  • Ask for an escort if your vehicle is parked in a dark or remote area. Know the location of mall security and report any person or activity that is suspicious
  • Be aware of your surroundings; don’t be distracted with shopping bags and other items

Home Safety:

  • Put inside lights on timers
  • Cancel mail and newspaper deliveries if traveling or have a neighbor pick these up for you
  • Keep gifts out of site
  • Never burn holiday wrappings in your fireplace
  • Cover empty trash boxes that advertise expensive gifts and electronics – thieves will know what’s in your house

Home Holiday Party Safety:

  • Know your invitees; don’t assume you or someone else knows a stranger
  • Keep your wallet or purse secured and out of site
  • Periodically check upstairs and all rooms
  • Designate a first floor coat room to avoid guests walking through your home
  • Assign an end time
  • Consider beer and wine only; have plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages

From all of us at Public Safety we would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday.

Barry University reminds its students, faculty, staff and visitors that continued caution and vigilance are necessary components of your own personal safety and the safety of all in the Barry community. We encourage all to report crimes and/or suspicious behavior to Public Safety by calling 305-899-3333 or visiting www.barry.edu/publicsafety/silentwitness.htm, a confidential way of providing information via Barry's website.

Keep up-to-date on campus safety by checking out our periodic updates on Bucwis and Barry News. For more information about Barry's Public Safety Department, visit http://bucwis.barry.edu/publicSafety/.