CRW announces BUC Walking Challenge winners

Congratulations to all who participated in the 5th Annual BUC Walking Challenge. The Challenge took place for six weeks from mid-October to the end of November and teams of four compete by walking as many steps as possible.

This year the participants walked 68,015,782 steps which is 1,340,776 more steps than in 2011. This equates to walking the distance from Miami to Seattle 10 times. And it is the distance of circling the globe 1 ½ times.

The winning team was the Mustachioed Manatees – Vanessa Frisbee, Gaston Arellano, Lauren Ostrander, and Akemi  Maehama. They each received a $25 gift card to Runner’s Depot and a state of the art Omron Pedometer.

The second place team was The Go Go’s – Sara Franz, Noel Franz, Bouchra Franz, and Chelsea Stoeckigt. They each received a personal training session with the Barry Fitness Center and a state of the art Omron Pedometer.

The third place team was Team Two Step – Valerie Bozza, Nick Zululaga, Leo Martinez, and Harold Holness. They each received a state of the art Omron Pedometer.

CRW thanks all you participated for great challenge and hopes to see you all and many more next year.