ISR 199 – Wellness Passport

ISR 199 – Wellness Passport

Interested in taking an ISR/Wellness class, but not sure which one to take? Do you want to try different wellness offerings  AND earn college credit?

Why not enroll in ISR 199 WP: Wellness Passport and try different classes?

Concept: This course will allow the students to participate in a variety of wellness offerings across a broad range of exercise disciplines. Students will log their experiences and contrast the different exercise approaches in an effort to find discipline they most enjoy.

Requirements: Students are required to attend 45 classes and must diversify their choices to a minimum of 3 different activities. Pre and post fitness assessments will be conducted. Students will keep journals documenting their experiences.

The class will officially meet twice the first week of the semester and twice the last week of the semester.

Register today for ISR 199 WP: Wellness Passport!

For more information contact Lorean Mapp, Wellness & ISR Coordinator.

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