Be part of the latest research study in podiatry and exercise science

The Motion Analysis Center Lab (MAC-Lab), a new state-of-the-art research center operated jointly by the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences and the School of Podiatric Medicine, is recruiting people to participate in a research project called the Total Contact Cast Study. This study will compare four total contact cast systems currently being used in the field of podiatric medicine.
Enrolled participants will be asked to attend up to two four-hour sessions involving repeated cast application and removal to their lower legs. Healthy adults (18 years or older) with no injuries, irritations or wounds to their lower extremities, and with no known allergies to latex and/or fiberglass, are eligible to participate.

The project is being conducted on the Barry University campus. All minimal risks associated with this study will be discussed prior to the beginning of the project. Enrolled participants will be given a token of appreciation for their time.

To be a part of this research study contact principal investigators Dr. Kathryn Ludwig, Chair, Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, at 305-899-4077,; or Von Homer, biomechanics clinical faculty, at 305-899-3283, You may also contact the Institutional Review Board point of contact, Barbara Cook, at 305-899-3020.

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