Strategic Partnership and Affiliations

We are proud of our strategic partnerships and affiliations with some of the major health care institutions in the South Florida region. Some of our recent partnerships include:

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Miami Children's Hospital
  • Delray Medical Center
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Memorial Health Care System

Our goal is to continue to expand our reach through continuous developments and collaboration with local health care facilities in an effort to establish strong partnerships. We are committed to providing our students with quality educational experiences that will help them to develop into transformational leaders and health care administrators who are able to efficiently meet and exceed the needs of today and tomorrow's health care organizations, while also equipping them with the analytical skills necessary to address and reduce the disparities of health care delivery and promote health locally, nationally and globally. We are confident that with the continuity and growth of our community affiliations our students will gain vital experience and expertise through the internship and field experiences within the local health care institutions.

Our strategic affiliations are established on an ongoing basis. We welcome you to check back periodically for updates. As always, we are eager to partner with health care institutions which align with the program's mission and vision.

If you are interested in offering this program at your facility please contact us at or call 305-899-3237. We offer tuition discounts to healthcare institutions.