Professor publishes new book exploring God’s anger in the Hebrew Bible

Deena Grant, PhD, associate professor of theology, Hebrew Scriptures, recently published a new book titled “Divine Anger in the Hebrew Bible” which explores the God’s anger throughout the Hebrew Bible.

In her new book, Grant explores the aim, expressions, and outcomes of God’s anger in the Hebrew Bible. The book considers divine anger against the backdrop of human anger in order to discern those aspects of it that are recognizably human from those that are distinctly divine. “Divine Anger” goes on to examine passages from a range of literary contexts across major biblical collections in order to distinguish those features of divine anger that are elemental to its definition from those that are limited to individual collections. The sum of these conclusions forms an answer to the question: what does the Bible mean when it describes God as angry?

“Divine Anger in the Hebrew Bible” is Grant’s first book. She has previously authored articles exploring anger and the difference between humans and the divine in Revue BibliqueI and Biblica 91. Other journals she has published in include A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism and World History Encyclopedia,

Grant’s book was published by the Catholic Biblical Association of America and is part of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly series. The book is available for purchase on the CBAA’s website by clicking here.