The Office  of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian was created in Florida to provide guardianship services to incapacitated adults of limited financial means who may be subject to abuse and neglect because they have no one willing or able to monitor and advocate for them. Guardianship is the process of court appointment designed to protect and exercise the legal rights of persons who lack the capacity to make their own decisions and are not adequately able care for themselves.

Barry University is Public Guardian for Broward County

In 1998, Barry University’s School of Social Work agreed to take on the not-for-profit program, and it became the designated public guardianship program for Broward County, Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit.

According to State of Florida data, the School of Social Work’s administration of the program has been one of the most cost-effective of the state guardianship programs and a promising practice model for guardianship nationally. It is the only public guardian program in the nation operated by a university’s school of social work.

Contact the Office of the Public Guardian

Please contact Barry University’s Office of the Public Guardian if you have any questions regarding our program at 954-862-3655.