Spring 2013 ISR sport and recreation classes: 1 credit classes available

Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation (ISR) offers a variety of sport, fitness and recreation classes that will help you meet your fitness goals during the spring semester.

The following are some of the one-credit classes that will be available.

One-Credit Available (3/11/13 – 4/26/13)

  • ISR 151.02/251.02- Pilates (MWF, 1-150pm)
  • ISR 160.01/260.01- Swimming (MW, 400-520pm)
  • ISR 165.08/265.08- Tennis (TTH, 6-720pm)
  • ISR 165.09/265.09- Tennis (MW, 6-720pm)
  • ISR 189.06/289.06- Yoga (TTH, 530-650pm)
  • ISR 199 ZU2- Zumba (MWF, 6-650pm)
  • ISR 199 OS5- Outdoor Soccer (TTH 1-220pm)
  • ISR 199 OS6- Outdoor Soccer (TTH 11-1220pm)

Registration Deadline: March 8, 2013


For a complete list of classes please visit: http://www.barry.edu/hpls/recreation-wellness/isr-program.html or stop by Landon 112.  Sign up for these classes with your advisor. Stop by and see Lorean Mapp, Wellness & ISR Coordinator, for questions. You may also call at (305) 899-4064 or e-mail us at lmapp@mail.barry.edu.