Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology is one of only a few degree programs of its kind in the nation and the only one in Florida. With an undergraduate degree in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, you gain an understanding of the thought processes and attitudes of athletes and individuals involved in sport, exercise, and non-sport performance activities.

If you want to combine your passion for sports, exercise and/or performance with an interest in psychology or business, then this major will be perfect for you.

The curriculum includes many exciting and innovative courses, such as Introduction to Sport Psychology; Introduction to Exercise Psychology; Psychology of Injury; Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology; Research in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology; and Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport & Exercise Sciences.

As a sport, exercise, and performance psychology major, you develop a background in sport and exercise science, and the psychology of sport, exercise, and performance. You choose one of two minors– management or psychology – depending on your future career goals or interest in a graduate degree.

You analyze case studies, perform undergraduate research projects, and develop interventions to enhance performance and well-being. You interview performers and sport psychology professionals, observe sport psychology graduate students and professionals in their work with clients, participate in community service activities, and more.

Within Barry University, you have access the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. Being in Miami, you immerse yourself in a sport psychology culturethat offers recreational activities year-round, professional sports, and the fine arts.