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The Doctor of Philosophy or PhD in Nursing is a research-oriented degree program. Students are exposed to nursing and interdisciplinary core research courses and have opportunities to learn with students from other disciplines. Students can enter the PhD program after completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN or equivalent) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP or equivalent) degree. The PhD program offers a part-time study option for all levels of entry. To graduate with a PhD, post-BSN students must complete a minimum of 68 credits; post-MSN students must complete a minimum of 50 credits; post-DNP students must complete a minimum of 30 credits. 

These part-time programs of study are offered to meet the needs of working students. Doctoral students collaborate with faculty advisors to select electives appropriate to their career choices. Doctoral coursework and dissertation research are based on a broad focal area that is critical to the future of nursing and practice: social determinants of health. The faculty and administration of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences believe that the University is a community of scholars. Its central aim is the commitment to search for and disseminate knowledge through scholarship, inquiry, and creative activities.

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The PhD curriculum is designed to develop a research trajectory in one’s area of expertise. The purpose of the program is to prepare nurse scientists who, upon graduation, will assume leadership positions in research, education, and in healthcare systems.

The goals of the program are to prepare graduates as nursing scholars who:

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    Use multiple perspectives of knowing and practice to acknowledge multi-disciplinary contributions to knowledge generation and use of evidence-based research in practice;
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    Generate, test, utilize, and extend knowledge through relevant research and theory development and disseminate their findings to the broader nursing and scientific community;
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    Contribute to ethical solutions that advance health care in a culturally diverse global society through the formulation and implementation of strategies that serve the public interest;
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    Provide Leadership

    Provide leadership in nursing with innovative solutions that positively influence regional, national, and/or global communities.
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    Are Informed

    Are informed by philosophical, social, cultural, ethical, technologic, economic, and political issues; and

Nursing, PhD Program Options

Financial Aid Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)

Barry University’s nursing program has received a $2.3 million grant to help address the national nursing faculty shortage.

The grant comes from the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) - a federal government-sponsored loan program from the Health Resources and Services Administration created to address the nurse faculty shortage.

Each year, participants in the loan program can "borrow" up to $35,500 per year in exchange for the promise to teach four years upon graduation.

Each of the four years of teaching cancels a percentage of the loan - in all, 85 percent of loan funds are cancelled, leaving these nurse faculty graduates with the repayment of only 15 percent of the total loan funds borrowed. Additional funds are secured annually as needed to support all interested students.

Barry University has received funding for over 10 years and since that time has produced over 100 graduates who, in exchange for loans, teach for at least four years in a school of nursing. The funding can be requested yearly, and Barry continues to provide these scholarships to future nursing faculty.

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As a Doctoral Nursing Student, you may qualify for this loan.

Admissions Overview International Student FAQs

If you are an international student, applying as early as possible is in your best interest in order to allow ample time for immigration processing. Please be aware that admission to Barry University does not guarantee that you will be granted a student visa by the United States Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

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