Program Objectives

The Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences program strives to have its graduating students:

  1. Describe and summarize the legal, moral, social, cultural, and ethical issues affecting and impacting diverse individuals and groups in sport, fitness, wellness, exercise and recreation;
  2. Describe and apply motor and psychology behavior theories related to skillful movement, physical activity and fitness;
  3. Apply concepts of movements performance, health-related fitness, and nutrition to promote healthy lifestyles for diverse populations;
  4. Apply scientific and theoretical concepts to help diverse populations move safely and effectively within sport and recreational activities (Coaching Concentration);
  5. Implement fitness testing and develop appropriate sage and effective exercise prescriptions and training programs that meet specific needs of diverse populations as set forth by professional standards (Fitness Specialist Concentration);
  6. Engage the sport and exercise sciences communities at the local, regional, national, and/or inter-national level through participation in service activities that promote aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Exercise Science