A message from the Dean Leticia Diaz, J.D.

A message from the Dean Leticia Diaz, J.D.

Dear Alumni,

Barry University School of Law embodies a holistic, compassionate approach to the study of law—our very mission centers on principles of social justice. As we have taken unprecedented steps because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to support each other and our students now more than ever. While we have been prudent and as flexible as possible with operational expenses while maintaining quality standards, our student challenges and needs are overwhelming for many. Just as you faced hardships juggling classes, families, and outside jobs to make your dream of becoming an attorney possible, many of our students are dealing with the additional stress of the pandemic in very real terms. Children are now home from school or day care requiring attention and home schooling. Wide spread unemployment among our student population and within their family circles results in even tighter budgets. Your support through a donation can make the difference between someone being able to continue in this program or not. I am writing to ask you to be a part, even a small part of the solution for our students in need.

The single most impactful way to support Barry University School of Law and its students is through the Barry School of Law Opportunity Fund. A gift of $100 covers the cost of the bar application for one student. A gift of $200 covers a portion of the cost of books for any full or part time student in any year of study. A donation of $500 earmarked for our very special and highly regarded Trial and Moot Court programs goes a long way towards covering student travel expenses.

The Opportunity Fund also provides the possibility to donate to an Opportunity Scholarship. This initiative with an investment of $2,500 per year for three years, allows you to make a real and lasting impact on the life of a student.


For more details and options with this exciting and personalized scholarship fund, please contact Diane Trees, director of community outreach and advancement at 407-242-8793 or dtrees@barry.edu.

The strength and compassion of our Barry School of Law family is apparent in ordinary times. This support is evident and much needed as we navigate through unchartered waters and continue to care for each other and our student population. Thank you for all that you do to support Barry University School of Law.


Leticia M. Diaz, J.D.
Dean, School of Law