ADSOE's Outstanding Student Recognition

The Adrian Dominican School of Education held its first annual Outstanding Student Recognition on April 3, 2013.

An award was given to an outstanding student from each department. Students were selected by their faculty based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership among peers, and promise to their field and discipline. Faculty eloquently recognized their students each in their own way. The students were appreciative of the recognition and students’ families, friends, colleagues, supervisors, and professors beamed with pride.

Outstanding Students include:

Steven Seage, Undergraduate Education
Kristina Cadwell, Graduate in Curriculum and Instruction
Mark Rosenkrantz, Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
Adam Fishel, Graduate in Counseling
Silvia Reyes, Doctorate in Counseling
Micque Feldman, Graduate in Exceptional Student Education
Tyree J. Starks, Graduate in Reading
Lisa Yurkin, Graduate in Exceptional Student Education
Veronica Henriquez, Specialist in School Psychology
Lori Dyer, Graduate in Educational Leadership
Amrin Kaur, Graduate in Montessori
Maria Bernal-Dobek, Doctorate in Higher Education Administration
Lucia Y. Rhee, Graduate in Organizational Learning and Leadership
Katherine Gonzalez, Doctorate in Organizational Learning and Leadership