Spring Remote Modality Notification

Spring Remote Modality Notification

October 23rd, 2020



Dear Barry University MSW Students,

Please be aware, that after careful consideration, we will be offering all classes this Spring in a remote, but synchronous learning modality.  While this may not be your preferred modality of instruction, we will continue to create meaningful learning opportunities through this format.

As administrators, we’ve had to consider several factors.  These factors include the unpredictability of the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic, student/family safety, the challenges related to “hybrid” options for consistency of attendance and instruction, and the concerns of shared with us by students over the past several weeks.  Taking all of this under consideration, we made the difficult decision to remain remote.   

As I indicated in my Fall announcement, this is is an opportunity to carefully assess, and then plan, as to how to make this a successful semester.  Some of that success depends on efforts of the University, some of that depends on you, but most of it depends on how we work together.  Reach out to your professors and classmates who are thriving in this modality and share those practices. 

The University has committed resources to enhance the modalities and methods of instruction with software, intensive training, and processes that support faculty development including Learning Circles to share best practices and current literature on remote learning. 

Whether you find this decision with concern or relief, we are all in this together, and we will thrive if we work together with intention.  It is only through meaningful connection, whatever the modality, that we will make this, perhaps, the best semester yet. 


Dr. Todd Tedrow

MSW Program Director