Graduate Assistantship (GA) Information

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship is an opportunity for graduate students to finance their studies while acquiring professional skills. Graduate students will receive paid part-time work experiences focused on expanding their skills under supervision. GA’s provide faculty and/or university staff assistance in carrying out special projects or other assignments that require advanced critical thinking and problem solving.

The activities assigned to GA’s are to have an educational value with the intent of ultimately enhancing the student's academic experience. Although some tasks may include a clerical component, a graduate assistantship is not meant to be used to provide primarily clerical and office support to departments.

Assistantships are highly competitive and specific to degree-seeking students. Students interested in applying as a Graduate Assistant should review the Q&A section to gain a full understanding of the position expectations.

For additional Information on the Graduate Assistantship program, please contact:
Stephanie Theile, Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 305-899-3907