Health Promotion and Wellness Office

Division of Mission and Student Engagement

Programming and Education for Optimal Health


The mission of Health Promotion and Wellness is to implement a robust offering of programs and collaboration services that create a culture of well-being and mindfulness.  Health Promotion and Wellness will provide personal development, including learning in relation to the practice of healthier behaviors, educational programming, and encourages holistic emotional, physical, and social well-being for the Barry University Student academic success. 

Goals and Objectives

Health Promotion and Wellness Purpose: To promote wellness and health on campus in order to foster student success. We do this by:  

  1. Increase opportunities for students to learn and enact healthy behaviors.
  2. Improve access to accurate health and wellness information and resources. 
  3. Establish and enhance long-term, sustainable, healthy behaviors. 
  4. Provide opportunities that empower students to reach their full potential as healthy adults and leaders. 
  5. Advocating for a healthy BarryU Community.  

Below you will find a summary of current wellness programs and initiatives. Click on each program to learn more. 

Contact Health Promotion & Wellness Office for Presentations & Trainings Don't cancel class!

The office of Health Promotion and Wellness can assist Barry Buc faculty with guest lecturing, provide literature, and give other support.  

The following presentations and workshops are currently available: 

  • Overview of Center for Health & Counseling Services 
  • Stress Management 101 
  • Nutrition Basics: How nutritious-conscious choices have a lasting impact on our health 
  • Intuitive Eating: Making peace with food 
  • Building a Mental Health Toolkit: A resiliency skill 
  • Alcohol and Drugs 
  • Spread Love, Not STI’s 

Requests for presentations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Email Alena Costume, or call at 305-899-3073 during business hours. 

Virtual presentations can be requested as well.  

Click below to follow up on the Dean of Student for additional information on Sexual Misconduct, Reporting Sexual Assaults, By-Stander Intervention. 

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