Project Transcend

Free Training webinars to build competence among health care professionals serving transgender and nonbinary patients.

Enhancing the Trans-Specific Competence of Health Care Professionals Serving Transgender and Nonbinary Patients Across Health Care Settings Dr. Ashley Austin, professor, licensed clinical social worker and trans-affirmative practice expert is developing a series of virtual trainings aimed at enhancing the transgender specific knowledge and expertise of current and emerging health care professionals who may encounter transgender, nonbinary and gender-questioning clients within their various practice settings.

The virtual trainings, covering key topics for transgender health and well-being, will be developmental in nature, allowing learners to build their expertise incrementally and at their own pace.

The series of virtual trainings has the following three aims:  

  1. To enhance overall knowledge and expertise about transgender and nonbinary patients’ needs and experiences, including experiences of gender dysphoria and gender affirmation, to improve overall quality of health care  
  2. To correct misinformation about transgender and nonbinary youth and adults that may be perpetuating stigma, bias, and discrimination within health care settings and beyond  
  3. To foster a commitment to socially just and inclusive health care across all dimensions of diversity, including gender identity, by mobilizing the compassion and empathy of health care professionals.  

Dr. Austin’s is an internationally recognized expert in the field of transgender health and well-being. In her nearly two decades of work in the field she has authored over 50 publications on affirmative practice, trained thousands of providers and educators across the globe, and supported transgender and nonbinary individuals of all ages, along with their loved ones through clinical social work practice rooted in a trauma informed and affirmative stance. Click here to learn more about Dr. Austin

Ashley Austin, PhD, LCSW

These virtual learning opportunities were funded by Our Fund and the Community Foundation of Broward in an effort to improve access to safe, inclusive, and socially just health care for transgender and nonbinary children, teens, and adults living in Broward County and the surrounding areas. 

 Our Fund and the Community Foundation of Broward

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