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Center for Human Rights and Social Justice

About the Center Center for Human Rights and Social Justice

Welcome to the Center for Human Rights and Social Justice! The CHRSJ has a primary mission of advancing crucial human rights and social justice initiatives in our local and global communities through targeted education, research, service, and leadership. The CHRSJ values collaboration and partnerships with community members, organizations, and university faculty, staff and students. We approach our human rights and social justice work through an anti-oppressive lens which acknowledges the influence of privilege and oppression on the existence and maintenance of human rights violations. The CHRSJ values equally the voices of all community members and commits to work in authentic partnership with the communities being served.

Our Initiatives born out of the School of Social Work’s strong collaborations represent some of the most pressing needs of our community, and are inclusive of some of the most underserved and marginalized populations locally and globally. Specifically, our Center is committed to the following five initiatives (1) Combating Human Trafficking (2) Preventing Sexual Victimization (3) Creating Inclusive Communities sexual and gender diverse Individuals (4) Advancing Trauma Informed Research, Education and Practice, and (5) Promoting Wellness in Marginalized Communities.

The Center is proud to host affiliated faculty and community partners with decades of experience who are fiercely committed to advancing human rights and social justice across countless critical issues impacting our communities. The Center’s affiliates possess unparalleled practice and advocacy skills necessary to mobilize positive change. Moreover, our faculty are engaged in research and scholarship which impact practice and policy across multiple pressing human rights issues in contemporary society.

Through the power of collective action and collaborative social justice work, the Center for Human Rights and Social Justice in the Barry University School of Social Work aims to a create safe, stable, and inclusive society for all individuals. Welcome to our Center and please spend time exploring our website further to learn more about our faculty, community partners, resources, upcoming events, and the ways to get involved in our work. We hope you will contact us with ideas for collaboration that can advance the human rights and social justice initiatives of the Center.

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Funded by the Ware Foundation

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Engagement Educational Community Programming

The Center for Human Rights and Social Justice creates multiple opportunities to engage in an array of social justice and human rights projects outside of the classroom.
Opportunities include film screenings, lectures, trainings, activist events, consultations, conferences, summits, vigils, and remembrances.


  • 1 Human Trafficking Coalition

    The CHRSJ/1HTC team consists of nationally and internationally recognized experts in several areas important to effective anti-trafficking efforts.

  • Translating Trauma-Informed Care Into Practice Certificate Program

    Four-day post-masters training that prepares professional helpers to deliver trauma-informed services in a variety of settings with a range of problems and populations.

  • Trauma-Informed Resilience Skills at Times of Societal Crisis Webinar

    Half-day webinar training that will describe how professional helpers can help others build resilience in these uncertain times.

  • TRACKS Intergroup Dialogue Program

    Intergroup Dialogue Program is an effective strategy to help community members engage in peaceable, focused, and organized dialogue about social justice issues.

Research and Scholarship

About the Research Lab Trans Perspectives Research Lab

Welcome to the Trans Perspectives Research Lab. Our research team, led by Dr. Ashley Austin, is committed to engaging in transgender affirmative research which centers the voices and experiences of trans and gender-diverse people. Our lab is focused on developing knowledge that has the potential to improve the well-being transgender and gender diverse individuals across the life span. 

For us, this includes a focus on research which: advances knowledge and understanding of experiences of gender dysphoria, addresses understudied aspects of the trans experience across the life span, and explores contemporary transgender issues through a trauma responsive lens.

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Current Project Expanding Knowledge About Gender Dysphoria, Previous Projects

Our most current research project, Expanding Knowledge about Gender Dysphoria, a photo-elicitation exploration of experiences of gender dysphoria, emerged in response to the needs of the TGD community for more accurate, nuanced, and in-depth narratives about living with gender dysphoria.

This study is a two-phase research project targeting a diverse range of trans and non-binary adults. Historically, experiences of gender dysphoria have often been reduced to a single narrative; in reality, these experiences vary across transgender individuals.

Gaining more accurate information about the ways in which gender dysphoria is experienced among a diverse transgender individuals is a critical aspect of ensuring that transgender individuals have access to informed and affirmative care from mental-health and medical providers.

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