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Dr. Ashley Austin, Ph.D., LCSW

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The Trans Perspectives Research Lab embraces a learning centered approach aimed at developing the skills necessary to engage in practice informed research focused on timely and meaningful issues experienced by members of the transgender community. A primary goal of our lab is to maximize learning opportunities for our team members. We welcome students at all levels (BSW, MSW, and Doctoral) and are particularly committed to developing the research skills of trans identified students and/or community members interested in pursuing research.


"Working with Dr. Austin continues to provide challenging and enriching experiences that foster my growth as a social work researcher. Through my experience directing multiple projects, conducting participant interviews and analyzing participant data, I gained insight into the trans and gender diverse community in terms of their struggle and resilience. On a professional level, I went from being a BSW student with no research experience to now participating in amazing research and educational opportunities with highly rated research teams both in the United States and internationally." – Joshua Holzworth (BSW Graduate)

"As a member of Dr. Austin’s Trans Perspectives team I feel honored to be apart of the research that will help give a voice to a community that has been marginalized and oppressed. The aim of the study is to gain a better understanding of gender dysphoria through the voices of trans and non-binary people. It is the hope that through this research clinicians and health care professionals will be better able to understand and help clients who experience gender dysphoria. I have been fortunate enough to both conduct and transcribe interviews, which has been such an enriching experience. In addition to transcription and interviewing, I have been practicing coding and analyzing the data. It is thanks to Dr. Austin and her guidance that I have been able to discover my passion for qualitative research. She has created a very collaborative learning environment for our team and has provided the resources for me to expand my knowledge and grow professionally. I am grateful to be apart of this project and excited to uncover what the research will reveal." - Lindsay Lovins (MSW student)

"As a doctoral student coming into this research lab with limited prior experience in research, I have learned an enormous amount from Dr. Austin and the research team. I am grateful for the experience on this team because I can apply what I am learning directly to my classes and dissertation work in the future. Dr. Austin has a hands-on approach to teaching team members about research. She has invested time in each of us to ensure we are confident in our abilities prior to data collection and analysis. One of the biggest takeaways of being on this research team is the supportive environment that has been created to foster our growth individually and collectively as we work to get this gender dysphoria research out into the world." - Ryan Papciak, MSW, LCSW (Ph.D. Student)

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