College Reach-Out Program awarded $12,300 from Harry Kramer Memorial Fund

Barry University’s Family Care Center was recently awarded funding in the amount $12,300 for the College Reach-Out Program (CROP). The grant was presented by the Harry Kramer Memorial Fund.

Since 1999, the goal of Barry’s CROP has been to increase the number of low-income, minority, first-generation, and educationally disadvantaged students in grades 6 -12 who, upon high school graduation, are admitted to and successfully complete postsecondary education. The CROP adheres to the core commitments of Barry University's mission--particularly inclusive community, social justice and collaborative service--while promoting collaboration, diversity, and social responsibility as essential values.

Barry initially requested $10,000, the maximum amount to be awarded, but received additional funding due to the university’s missions being so similarly aligned to that of the Harry Kramer Memorial Fund. The Wells Fargo-Harry Kramer Memorial Funds' calling and priorities to engage in the education of individuals in the South Florida area is portrayed in the CROP, which facilitates programs to positively influence students' attitudes, aspirations, and actual behaviors while supporting academic achievement, graduation, and postsecondary education.

The grant funding will engage low-income, minority, first-generation, and educationally disadvantaged middle and high school students in a one-week Summer Residential program on college campus. The program will include college and career path sessions, admission and financial aid dissemination, as well as special sessions on community and team building activities, financial literacy, diversity, and cooperative education. Students will engage in college exploration activities by visiting various institutions throughout the state of Florida while engaging in educational, mentoring, and leadership workshops.

Since 2010, The Harry Kramer Fund has supported the Family Care Center and the CROP by providing over $27,000.00 in grant awards.

Harry Kramer Memorial Fund is a trust located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The foundation benefits philanthropy, voluntarism and grant making foundations, focusing specifically on private, independent foundations’ programs.