Peer Facilitators Program

Peer Facilitators Program

The Peer Facilitators Program was developed in partnership with the Office of Mission Engagement to further student’s inclusive leadership development as a continuation of the Emerging Leaders Program. The program is open to all Barry University undergrad and graduate students that are interested in furthering their inclusive leaderships skills. To apply to the Peer Facilitators Program students must have participated in at least one TRACKS Intergroup Dialogue Series (6 sessions) and gone through the “Introduction to Facilitation” 3-hour training.

Once students are accepted to the Peer Facilitator Program, they must feel ready to be able to facilitate dialogues with high school and college students. This is an on-going growth process and CHRSJ staff, Faculty and Senior Facilitators will work closely with them to provide mentorship and guidance.

Program Criteria

Students must:

  • Observe or co-facilitate at least one series
  • Participate in at least two monthly check-ins (90 mins).
  • Read assigned literature in preparation for check-ins
  • When doing facilitation, maintain open conversation with CHRSJ Project Director
  • Coordinate and Facilitate at least one TRACKS IGD with college and/or high school students

Opportunities for Students:

  • Professional Development including mindful self-compassion, expressive arts, facilitation skills, restorative justice circles, trauma-sensitive methods to facilitation, exploring our own biases, narrative and storytelling, among others.
  • Mentorship and Community
  • Paid stipend per series facilitated
  • Networking with community organizations
  • Research collaboration
  • Professional recommendations
  • Student fellowships to assist to workshops and conferences