About the Andreas School of Business

Our mission is to deliver high quality education that will enable our students to succeed as responsible business practitioners and leaders.

We strive to develop in our students a strong sense of ethics, social responsibility, and an entrepreneurial attitude with a global perspective.

We are committed to excellent teaching, engaged learning, and collaboration with our community. Our intellectual contributions emphasize practical applications, with our faculty also engaging in theoretical and empirical research and instructional development.

We operate in a highly cosmopolitan, multicultural setting, with students from around the world, as part of a Catholic, international university, and we function as a collaborative, inclusive community of caring faculty, staff, and students in the tradition of the Adrian Dominicans.


We offer a student-friendly, caring environment. Our international diversity allows our students to study the global business environment and experience it on a daily basis, in a dynamic and vibrant center of global trade and finance. We are positioned as the only institution in South Florida that strives to meet the most rigorous international standards while still offering all the attractions of a small, private school (including small class size, an accessible faculty whose first responsibility is teaching, and the ability to respond quickly to the evolving needs of our students and the business community).


Our aim is to become known as the school of choice for students desiring a truly international, high-quality, ethically-based education in a uniquely diverse, exciting, and intimate environment.


The Andreas School of Business, in support of its vision and mission statement, embraces values that drive us to reaching our goals. The primary values of the Andreas School of Business are:

  • Integrity and honesty - Integrity is the "quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness; honesty; and sincerity" (Webster's New World Dictionary). Similarly, honesty is thought of as the quality of being truthful and trustworthy. When combined, especially in an academic environment, this means we will not compromise the truth, being vigilant to ensure the truth of knowledge perseveres, and that decisions will be made on the basis of what is good for all constituencies.
  • Academic excellence - We will make decisions regarding program offerings, faculty selection, and reward systems on the basis of whether the outcome of the decision will ultimately enhance the quality of learning provided to the student. Emphasis will be on quality of content and quality of presentation.
  • Diversity, individual dignity, and mutual respect - The Andreas School of Business represents a rich tapestry of differences: nationality, gender, religion, age. This richness is experienced in the classroom as well as in the interaction of colleagues. The effect is a quality which impacts on all: student, faculty, staff, and all those with whom they come into contact. Differences generated from diversity require a respect for those differences; the uniqueness and preciousness of these qualities will be respected and protected. The respect of each other's dignity leads to a climate of mutual respect: we will respect and defend the right to have contrasting opinions.
  • Continuous improvement - We will strive to always place the target of quality in front of us rather than behind us. We will be sensitive to the needs of our constituencies and make those adjustments in our efforts so as to maintain integrity of quality while continuously striving for a better product.