Barry Law Introduces "Barry Boot Camp" LSAT Prep

Barry University School of Law is pleased to announce our inaugural “Barry Boot Camp," an intensive series of LSAT prep workshops offered over the course of four weekends.  The workshops have been designed to complement your preparation for the June LSAT exam.  Barry Boot Camp is being offered exclusively to students who have applied to Barry Law for admission in either the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 semester, and the best part is that they are free!!

 Dean Leticia M. Diaz created Barry Boot Camp with the Barry Law mission in mind:

  • A commitment to serving our local community through education,
  • Promoting social responsibility through service,
  • Enhancing cultural, social and intellectual diversity in the legal profession, and
  • Supporting intellect, growth and development.

Barry Boot Camp is being taught by a former Public Defender with almost a decade of experience in standardized test preparation.  The workshops will take place each Saturday from April 26 – May 17, 2014, on the Barry Law campus. There is a limited number of seats available, and acceptance will be based on an application process.

 Requirements to apply:

  1. Current admission application for Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 on file prior to April 14, 2014.
  1. Submission of a one-page essay on one of the following prompts:
    • Part of Barry’s mission is to nurture cultural, social, and intellectual diversity that reflects a global world view. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity of Barry Law, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.
    • The road from prospective law student to practicing attorney can be a bumpy one, and even the brightest students will encounter some obstacles along the way. Recall an incident or time when you experienced failure or serious setback and discuss how that affected you, and more importantly, what lessons you learned.

      3.   Submission of a short paragraph detailing your plans to prepare for the June LSAT outside of attending this Boot Camp.

      4.   Submission of your SAR from your completed FAFSA.


Directions to apply:

Submit your essay, paragraph and SAR via email to with "Barry Boot Camp" in the subject line. You may attach the supporting documents in either .doc. or .pdf format, or embed within the body of the email. In the body of the email include your full name, and the semester for which you have applied. Applications must be submitted by 5:00PM on April 14, 2014.


Important dates:

Boot Camp Dates: April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17 (All Saturdays, times TBD) Completed applications must be submitted by April 14, 2014.

All students admitted to Barry Boot Camp will be notified by April 16, 2014.

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