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Department of Psychology

College of Arts and Sciences

About the Department Psychology at Barry

The mission of the Department of Psychology is derived from the mission of the university. Grounded in the tradition of the liberal arts, the study of psychology offers students the opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry into human thought, emotion, and behavior in order to formulate important questions and discover meaningful answers. The faculty encourages students to apply their skills and knowledge for the betterment of local and global communities as well as for personal growth. 

Students are guided to solve individual, interpersonal, and societal problems with sensitivity to diversity and awareness of their own values. Thus, the mission of the Department of Psychology is to prepare students to be scientifically trained, professionally prepared, thoughtful, and contributing citizens of the world committed to engaging in collaborative service and social justice.

Develop the skills and expertise for a career solving problems in contemporary society, whether it be by joining the Justice system or writing as a researcher or journalist.

Department Highlights


    Small class sizes

    Student Centered Program

    Student Centered Program

    Experiential Learning

    Hands-on Experience

    Books School

    Academic Support

  • Classes

    Small class sizes

  • Student Centered Program

    Student Centered Program

  • Experiential Learning

    Hands-on Experience

  • Books School

    Academic Support

Core Commitments

  • Knowledge And Truth

    Knowledge and Truth

    Barry promotes and supports the intellectual life, emphasizing life-long learning, growth and development. The University pursues scholarly and critical analysis of fundamental questions of the human experience. In the pursuit of truth, the University advances development of solutions that promote the common good and a more humane and just society.

  • Inclusive

    Inclusive Community

    Barry is a global, inclusive community characterized by interdependence, dignity and equality, compassion and respect for self and others. Embracing a global world view, the University nurtures and values cultural, social and intellectual diversity, and welcomes faculty, staff, and students of all faith traditions.

  • Collaborative Service

    Collaborative Service

    Barry is committed to serving local and global communities through collaborative and mutually productive partnerships. The University accepts responsibility to engage with communities to pursue systemic, self-sustaining solutions to human, social, economic and environmental problems.

  • Social Justice

    Social Justice

    Barry expects all members of our community to accept social responsibility to foster peace and nonviolence, to strive for equality, to recognize the sacredness of Earth, and to engage in meaningful efforts toward social change. The University promotes social justice through teaching, research and service.

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Our Programs

  • Arts and Sciences

    Psychology (BS)

    Prepare for many bachelor-level careers valuing strong skills in writing, problem-solving, critical thinking, and social relations. Alternatively, plan for graduate work in psychology, education, social work, law, business, and more. Major combines core psychology courses and electives from various psychology sub-specialties.

  • Arts and Sciences

    Clinical Psychology (MS)

    Provides the theoretical, scientific, technical, and personal experience necessary to enter into the practice or further study of mental health evaluation and treatment. The 36-credit option can enhance your credential for entry into doctoral programs. The 60-credit option prepares you for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in Florida.

Our Minors

Department of Psychology Faculty and Staff

The odds are definitely in your favor at Barry University. Our student-faculty ratio is only 15:1. That means you get personal attention and guidance, and nobody gets lost in the shuffle. Even more impressive, over 80 percent of our faculty hold a PhD or the highest degree available in their field of expertise.
We seek out professors who are not only great teachers, but who love what they do. Their passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration are contagious, and there's no better way to keep young minds excited about learning and discovering. Beyond each teacher's area of expertise, our faculty is committed to promoting equality, social justice, altruism, diversity, and humility. Through education, everyone can have a voice.

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