Forensic Psychology Specialization

Psychology (BS)

Psychology (BS) Forensic Psychology Specialization

The Forensic Psychology Specialization (18 cr.) is available to psychology majors. It will expose you to the intersection between psychology as the study of human behavior and the legal system as society’s attempt to control human behavior.  The courses in this specialization examine how the science and profession of psychology may be applied to the legal system.

Students critically analyze the behavioral assumptions underlying legal issues and assess how psychological knowledge might enhance or change current law.  With an emphasis on research, you will be expected to engage in focused areas of psycho-legal research that will have social justice implications for both psychology and law.
The Forensic Psychology Specialization is designed to encourage the pursuit of graduate studies in forensic and clinical psychology, law, and criminal justice. It will also help to prepare students for entry-level positions in the criminal justice system.

The specialization requires the completion of the following courses:

  • PSY 307 Law and Psychology
  • PSY 313 Forensic Psychology
  • PSY 415 Psychological Dimensions of Theoretical Jurisprudence
  • PSY 493 Great Cases in Law and Psychology
  • SOC 320 Sociology of the Law
  • And one of the following:
  • SOC 405 Sociology of Race
  • SOC 410 Theories of Deviance
  • SOC 426 Sociology of Violence
  • CRM 202 Juvenile Delinquency
  • CRM 328 Race, Class, and Crime

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