Master's Degree

Educational Leadership, MS

Educational Leadership, MS Master's Degree The master’s (MS) in Educational Leadership incorporates the 10 Florida Principal Leadership Standards within the 36-semester-hour graduate program. You can choose from 2 degree options:

MS with Florida Certification

Florida certified teachers looking to obtain a master’s degree and Level I Florida state certification in Educational Leadership.

MS Degree w/certification student must have a 3.0 GPA.


36 credit hours, including an internship completed within your school.

MS without Florida Certification

Current non-certified teachers or those eligible for certification either through another state or an alternative venue looking to obtain a master’s degree.

MS Degree Without Certification - can have less than a 3.0 GPA.


36 credit hours, including a practicum completed within your school.

The program includes study of the dynamics of educational organizations and successful practices that inspire the full realization of human potential. You will experience face-to-face and online instruction in an active, culturally diverse, and hands-on learning environment.

As a graduate, you will increase your abilities to:

  • Plan and assess effective change processes and lead organizational development within a caring environment.
  • Make sound decisions, allocate with scarce resources and manage complex systems.
  • Demonstrate and inspire integrity in instructional and institutional leadership.
  • Apply current technologies to instructional and administrative processes and envision, plan, implement and evaluate new applications.
  • Critically address the challenges of education yet champion a positive vision of its future.

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