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Business and Finance


The mission of the Division of Business and Finance is to participate as a proactive partner in fulfilling Barry University’s mission of teaching, research, scholarship, service and identity by planning, developing, and providing professional accounting, reporting, financial services and support to:

  • Provide campus with an effective control system to safeguard University assets
  • Issue accurate and timely financial information
  • Issue timely and accurate payments to employees, vendors and other service providers
  • Develop and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure proper compliance with the University’s mission and all applicable laws and regulations
  • Maintain an accurate and effective accounting reporting system
  • Promote and monitor an effective internal control structure to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulatory agencies
  • Enhance business operations and internal controls by taking advantage of enhanced technology
  • Promote fiscal accountability and integrity
  • Enhance internal operations by the adoption and implementation of best practices, policies and procedures.

Hours of Operation

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Except on designated University holidays.

About Us

Mail Center Mission

The mail center at Barry University is comprised of the Barry University mailroom and the Post Office Contract Station.

Overview Business Services and Facilities

Senior Vice President

The senior vice president for the Business and Finance Division, provides executive leadership and is responsible for the financial and business operations of the University.

FAQ Form 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

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