Jamiel Rivero


Jamiel Rivero
Jamiel Rivero Alumni


Reflecting on my professional journey, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to have attended and graduated from Barry University's Human Resource Development program—a pivotal force in shaping my career. Drawing upon years of hands-on experience in talent management and organizational development, I intentionally chose to enroll in this program, guided by its stellar industry reputation—a decision for which I am immensely grateful. The program has endowed me with the confidence and expertise needed to actively engage in the intricate processes of recommending, designing, deploying, and assessing organizational talent initiatives. Armed with the insights gained from Barry University's Human Resource Development program, I now approach these responsibilities with a heightened understanding of industry best practices, informed decision-making, and a strategic perspective. The program's dynamic curriculum seamlessly blends practical experience with evidence-based HRD research, creating a comprehensive and enriching learning journey.

Jamiel Rivero
Global, Talent Development Partner
Project Management Institute

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