Barry University Fine Arts Theatre Program presents: JUDE

Press Release

Jan 25, 2024

Press Release Barry University Fine Arts Theatre Program presents: JUDE Wherever there's compassion, miracles happen.

JUDE, an original play by Elena Maria Garcia featuring selected original music by Lucas Dotyier, delves into the poignant journey of four immigrants. These individuals grapple with the harsh realities imposed by their corrupt governments and face everyday injustices. Inspired by true stories, JUDE unfolds the narratives of immigrants from Syria, Haiti, Honduras, and Cubastories that sadly resonate in today's world. The unwavering determination of Sarima, Mirlande, Esperanza, and Nicolas to carve out a better life is not only inspiring but also brimming with hope. Through a captivating blend of music, design, and immersive projections, the audience becomes an integral part of their journey, sharing in their conflicts and triumphs.


Tickets are FREE, but donations of $10 are greatly appreciated! All proceeds go to enriching the educational experience of our hardworking Theatre majors.

WHAT: The Barry University Fine Arts Theatre Program presents JUDE

WHERE: The Shepard & Ruth K. Broad Center for the Performing Arts,
11300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33161

WHEN: March 21st - 23rd (All shows begin at 7:30pm)
For Inquiries, call 305-899-3420 or email

About the Barry University Theatre Department

Students selecting to major or minor in Theatre will find our program both diverse and practical in nature. The program integrates academic coursework and active workshops with a professional caliber production schedule, including two mainstage productions in the historic Broad Theater and a variety of student projects hosted in the Pelican black box theater and outdoor amphitheater.

A well-rounded study of Theatre involves traditional classroom research, intense studio work, creative discovery through voice, movement, and improvisation, as well as practical applications in diverse and thought-provoking performances and productions. Work in the major is balanced between courses in improvisation, acting, analysis, theatre history, workshop-style classes in acting, on camera techniques, directing, and hands-on classes in stagecraft and lighting. The Theatre curricula combine history, theory and practice while also providing opportunities to develop individual talents and interests. Study in Theatre serves as an excellent preparation for professional careers and continued education not only in theatre but also in the fields of teaching, law, politics, communication, sales and management. For non-majors, the Theatre program includes experience and courses in fundamental methods and content.

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