Biomedical Sciences Grad Markus Mosley Earns His Pick of 5 Top Dental Schools

College of Health and Wellness

Apr 28, 2021

College of Health and Wellness Biomedical Sciences Grad Markus Mosley Earns His Pick of 5 Top Dental Schools

Having earned acceptance at five of the country’s top dental schools, 2021 graduate Markus Mosley will be attending East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine, in Greenville, North Carolina. “Go Pirates!” Mosley says.

Choosing ECU is a homecoming for the Biomedical Sciences student, a North Carolina native who earned his undergraduate degree in biology at the school. He was also a celebrated track and field athlete during his time there, a role he believes helped prepare him for the rigors of the Biomedical Sciences master’s program at Barry. “Having the vulnerability to receive constructive feedback can be translated into so many other areas in life,” he says. “Being ‘coachable’ allowed me to take advice and strides toward my personal goals, and I truly believe this has guided my time with the countless mentors and instructors who believed in me along the way.”

One of those mentors was Pamela Johnson, Coordinator of Barry’s BMS department, who was an early champion of Mosley’s. “Prior to attending the BMS program, I applied to dental school and didn’t get in,” he says. “I began to search for ways to improve my application for the next cycle. Mrs. Pamela Johnson assured me that she would help me improve my studying skills and challenge me to give everything I had toward this God-driven journey. My family and I are very grateful to have had such an inspirational person in my life.” 

Just two short years later, Mosley has found himself having to turn down offers from prestigious programs that believe in his promise as a dentist. Along with the encouragement of his Barry mentors, he credits discipline, faith, and a positive outlook for his impressive growth and attainment of his goal of attending the dental school of his choice. “The power of faith will bring even your biggest dreams into fruition,” he says. He encourages future BMS students to “never stop visualizing your success. A positive mental attitude will help you in numerous ways, so taking the time to work hard but to also recharge and reflect on your goals will propel you toward achievement!”

As he works to become the first doctor in his family, Mosley is driven, in part, by his natural instinct to serve others, which he did often during his Barry career. In late 2020, after Hurricane Iota devastated many in Central America, he coordinated a food and clothing drive that collected more than 800 clothing items and 200 canned goods for the people of Honduras. He is also acutely aware of the lack of representation in his chosen field and how he can help shepherd a more equitable future. “I aspire to provide thorough care to Black and Hispanic communities through my service as a dentist,” he says. “Less than 4% of dentists are African American. This makes this role bigger than me. I have always aspired to inspire other minorities and the youth to shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.”

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