Bound for Med School

College of Health and Wellness

Aug 12, 2022

College of Health and Wellness Bound for Med School Biomedical Sciences grad Edmine Pierre shares how Barry helped prepare her for medical school.

This BMS Grad Is Bound for Medical School

Biomedical Sciences grad and Simulation Lab Tech Edmine Pierre offers advice for future students and shares how Barry helped prepare her for medical school.

With her master’s in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) and experience working as a lab technician in Barry’s Simulation Lab, Edmine Pierre feels readier than ever for the next phase of her education journey: medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM).

The 2020 graduate joined the Sim-Lab team in spring of 2021 and has since become an integral part of virtual medical simulations for both undergraduate and graduate nursing students. She credits her training in the BMS graduate program with preparing her for the demands of a high-tech medical simulation lab.

Such preparation is a hallmark of Barry’s BMS graduate program, which boasts a broad curriculum that mirrors the first year of medical school. Graduates of the program consistently earn acceptances to top-ranking medical programs while also being equipped for a range of jobs in the medical field.

That her hard work paid off is no surprise to Edmine or the faculty, students, and staff that have witnessed her dedication to her future medical career. A native of Haiti, she was just 15 when the earthquake of 2010 struck and devastated her country. Immediately, the teenager was thrust into an adult world of suffering. The stark reality of her home country in crisis solidified her desire to become a physician who could serve the communities in greatest need of quality medical care.

At 17, Edmine relocated the U.S. and began pursuing her dream. She says that earning her master’s in Biomedical Sciences from Barry was the perfect bridge between her undergraduate training and the competitive world of medical school. For her, the program not only provided exceptional training but also the support she needed to thrive. “Being a first generation student, I did not necessarily have guidance,” she says. “So having that at Barry was very important. Even after my graduation, the staff and faculty stayed in contact.” Her role in the Sim Lab solidified her impression that Barry’s mentorship is among the best. “I see how the faculty treats the nursing students and how they help them become successful.”

While Edmine will soon bid a bittersweet farewell to Barry and her Sim Lab team, she is thrilled that she will soon begin medical school at VCOM. Her ambition and tireless pursuit of her career goals have made her a mentor to many who enter Barry’s Sim Lab, and she is always eager to offer the guidance and support the faculty and staff have shown her.

To those considering a career in the medical field and wondering if Barry’s BMS program is right for them, she is encouraging but candid. “Study hard,” she says, “because it is not easy. The program is very, very challenging, but if you do put in the work and you ask for help when you need it, you can definitely do it!”.

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