Investing in South Florida's Future: A Call for Businesses to Prioritize Higher Education

Press Release

Jan 19, 2024

Press Release As published in The Miami Herald Editorial section By Mike Allen, Ph.D. and Xavier Gonzalez, Chief Communications Officer, Kaseya

Relocation decisions can reshape entire communities, and South Florida’s dynamic business landscape is proving itself up for the challenge as we witness its emergence as a hotspot of new opportunities. As corporations continue to land on our vibrant shores, it is crucial for them to recognize the symbiotic relationship between their success and the health of our local education system. South Florida's universities are critical to ensuring these companies thrive economically and contribute meaningfully to the community's long-term prosperity.  

At the heart of this appeal lies a crisis in higher education that demands attention and action. While the allure of sunny skies and a thriving economic environment may be the initial draw, addressing the challenges facing education and hiring talent is imperative. Many of the very institutions that act as incubators to produce a skilled and innovative workforce, especially those that serve underrepresented populations, are grappling with rapidly increasing costs to teach and house students and simultaneously working aggressively to bridge the gap between educational offerings and industry needs by making higher education accessible to all.     

To foster sustainable growth, businesses must recognize the profound impact they can leverage by investing in local higher education. Partnering with universities provides immediate benefits, most notably, access to a pool of talented, well-prepared, graduates ready to contribute to the workforce. The investment goes beyond short-term gains; it lays the foundation for a self-sustaining, mutually beneficial environment where employers, educational institutions, and residents collaborate to ensure continued growth and success.    

Traditional classroom education is vital, but the evolving demands of the job market necessitate a hands-on approach that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Barry University and Kaseya’s proactive partnership embeds practical learning and real-world training opportunities in courses as well as apprenticeships that will prepare students to enter South Florida’s tech sector upon graduation. The partnership will contribute to the continued development of programs that prioritize experiential learning, ensuring that current and future graduates have impactful early careers.    

For partnerships like this to thrive, there needs to be a healthy evolution in thinking from all involved. Universities need to be flexible and innovative, with a willingness to respond to market demands in an expedited manner. They need to be prepared to expand collaborations to incorporate curriculum recommendations, targeted training modules, credentialing options, and the design and development of learning spaces. Students who began college this year will be entering a tech industry that will be four years advanced from where it resides today upon graduation. The only way to ensure that these students are workforce-ready is through guidance from industry leaders themselves.     

At the same time, companies must embrace and trust partnerships by investing in meaningful ways to allow universities to produce graduates with in-demand skills at the volume desired. Direct investment in students through scholarships and other forms of support, along with helping to meet training infrastructure needs, is essential to creating opportunities for deserving students and a reliable pipeline of talent. This forward-thinking approach benefits deserving individuals and fosters a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the richness of the South Florida community.    

Themes around building effective partnerships will be discussed further at an upcoming event to be held at Barry University this January. The event, entitled Technology Integration Summit: Aligning Industry Demands with Graduates’ Skills, will bring together technology industry leaders and educators to discuss how the academic and corporate communities can most effectively align with one another and thrive.    

As companies continue to relocate and expand in South Florida at an unprecedented level, they must recognize their role in shaping the future and become catalysts for positive change. Investing in local higher education is not just a corporate social responsibility; it is an investment in the prosperity of both enterprises and the community at large. Through true collaborative efforts, South Florida has the potential to become a model for how the private sector and educational institutions can work closely and fully with one another to create a thriving, sustainable, and socially responsible ecosystem.

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