Voices of the Coalition

Apr 01, 2022

Voices of the Coalition

Voices of the Coalition: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The Anti-Racism and Equity Coalition is comprised of members from all departments across campus. The diversity of our members is meant to help us gain unique perspectives on university matters. Our goal is to ensure that the Coalition’s mission permeates throughout the Barry community. To satisfy this aim, we created the Voices of the Coalition, where Coalition members have a chance to write about their perspectives.

By: Brooke Pallot

It is an honor to be a part of the Anti-Racism and Equity Coalition because it strongly aligns with my personal beliefs.  Raising a daughter, who is a young woman of color, makes the mission very personal to me.  I also come from a family with a history of activism. In the 1960’s and 70’s, my paternal Grandfather was a Judge in Miami Dade County.  In 1966, as the Chairman of the Regional Anti-Defamation League, he went up against local business like The Opera Guild of Greater Miami, asking them to end the practice of holding functions in facilities which bar Jews.  The agreement ended a struggle between the Opera Guild and Miami Jewish organizations which had lasted for almost 10 years.

Judge Pallot concluded that the “constructive action” followed a series of conferences between leaders of the ADL and the Opera Guild.” He said the meetings “explored fully the discriminatory practices of a number of social clubs in the Miami area in barring applicants from membership solely on religious grounds.” He added that those findings were “related to groups like the Opera Guild which have occasionally used the facilities of such discriminatory clubs for their own fundraising and other functions.”  In ending the practice, the Opera Guild had “rejected a form of religious prejudice which is most distasteful to the total community regardless of religious persuasion.” He said the Guild action also “serves the useful purpose of making fair-minded people everywhere more aware of the importance of judging others on their individual qualifications.”

I am a firm believer that diversity of thought, skills, experiences, and backgrounds create not only a better world but a better Barry.

Brooke Pallot is the Director of Procurement and Accounts Payable in the Office of Business and Finance. She is third generation - born and raised in Miami - with a deep connection to the city. Brooke has worked in the Procurement field for over thirty years and began her tenure at Barry University in 2014. Brooke is inspired daily by her thirteen-year-old daughter and hopes the crucial work the coalition focuses on, makes a better world for her. She is honored to serve and is committed to engage all members of the Barry Community in a continual process of self-examination and developing processes to promote racial justice, equity, and inclusivity.

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