Voices of The Coalition

Mar 07, 2022

Voices of the Coalition

Voices of the Coalition: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The Anti-Racism and Equity Coalition is comprised of members from all departments across campus. The diversity of our members is meant to help us gain unique perspectives on university matters. Our goal is to ensure that the Coalition’s mission permeates throughout the Barry community. To satisfy this aim, we created the Voices of the Coalition, where Coalition members have a chance to write about their perspectives.

By: Ginette Melchiorre

I joined the anti-racism and equity coalition because it embodied my beliefs.  Our work brings awareness and provides multiple avenues for input and feedback.  We create opportunities through meaningful involvement in the community.  Our shared humanity dictates that when one group suffers, we all suffer.  This paradigm shift will benefit all of us.

We strive to unveil implicit biases and remove racist beliefs.  We promote diversity, inclusion, and advance racial equity in key areas such as education, healthcare, criminal justice.  Through incremental changes in policies, procedures, and practices, we will help build a better community where everyone is heard and seen.  We are obligated to create a better world because we deserve better.

This quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson summarizes the scientific proof that everything and everyone is connected and infinite.

“We are all connected, to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically”.

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