Peddling/Solicitation Policy

Peddling/Solicitation Policy


This solicitation policy shall serve as the guide by which affiliated and non-affiliated entities of Barry University (University) will adhere to, in regards to solicitation on University premises.

The University has the sole right to approve or deny any organization or activities deemed misaligned from the university’s mission as established by the Board of Trustees. 


Non-Commercial Solicitations – includes canvassing, soliciting, or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization, requesting contributions, and posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and the like of any kind (“Materials”)  on University property or using University resources including but not limited to:  bulletin boards, computers, mail, email, telecommunications systems, photocopiers, telephone lists and databases.

Commercial Solicitations – peddling or otherwise selling, purchasing and/or offering goods and services for sale or purchase, distributing advertising materials, circulars or product samples, or engaging in any other conduct relating to any outside business interest or for profit or personal economic benefit on University property or using University resources.

Student Organizations - a club, group or organization that has been established by enrolled students of the University, approved by the Student Organization Council (SOC) and Student Life, either on “registered” or “recognized” status.  Student organizations are viewed by the University as private affiliations of which the University does not endorse the mission, goals, or purpose of those organization.  For more details, please see SOC Handbook.

Non-university Organizations – a group of individuals, other than student or university groups, that are legally separate entities from the University, even though some of the members or participants may be University personnel, alumni, or students.  Non-university organizations may be referred to as but not limited to, “non-university individuals”, “charitable organizations”, “non-charitable organizations”, “vendors”, “entities”, etc.

University Premises – buildings or grounds owned, leased, operated, controlled or managed by Barry University. 

Tabling – a privilege offered by the University to student organizations and university organizations for the purpose of promoting their approved organizations, campus activities, programs or initiatives.  Tabling is approved through the Center for Student Involvement for student organizations or the Office of the Student Union. 

General Permission To Solicit

Student organizations wishing to solicit in any form (tabling, posting, flyers, bake sales, etc.) must receive prior approval, in writing, from Student Life in advance.  A fully detailed Space Request Form must also be submitted to the Office of Student Life.

Student organizations are prohibited from practicing non-commercial solicitation.  The only exceptions are recruiting students to be members of said student organization through outlets like tabling or involvement fairs, and posting flyers on campus bulleting boards advertising approved on-campus events/programs. 

Student organizations are prohibited from practicing commercial solicitation.  The exception being bake sales where student organizations sell pre-purchased goods for sale to benefit their organization or a non-profit charitable organization pre-approved by Student Life.

Solicitation activities may not disrupt or interfere with the educational, administrative or operational activities of the University.

Events which are violation of local, state, or federal law, Board of Trustees policy, or rules regulations, and guidelines of the University are prohibited.

An event that places an undue burden on campus facilities, interferes with the use of campus facilities by other persons, disrupts normal operations, infringes on the protected rights of others, and/or has a principal goal to incite a riot or to disrupt other activities, may be denied the privilege of using the University facilities (or grounds) for solicitation and/or face disciplinary action.

Non-University Organizations

The University recognizes the value of charitable organizations and encourages students to be active participants in organizations that support or contribute to the mission of the university.

Non-university groups or individuals are prohibited from engaging in any form of solicitation on University premises except by invitation of, or sponsorship by the University. 

Door-to-door solicitation of any kind is prohibited.

The Solicitation Policy does not prohibit normal business contacts by authorized vendor representatives engaging in business with the University in compliance with other University policies, provided such contacts are made with the consent of University officials.


The Solicitation Policy shall apply to all Barry University students, employees, faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, vendors, and other non-university organizations, individuals or entities and their representatives.

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