Campus Life

Campus Life

First and foremost, this is Miami! A city known for its perfect blend of cultures, character, warm weather, entertainment, business innovation, and hemispheric influence. You'll be immersed in it all - both on campus, and in the wider community.

When you're not cheering on our championship-winning Buccaneers, you'll likely be involved in one of our 60+ student organizations - expanding your perspective, brainstorming ideas, learning how to lead - and how to stretch yourself.

Year-round traditions and events create a rhythm for the Barry Life, with the student-run Campus Activities Board (CAB) keeping the roster fresh. These shared experiences connect us together even further - linking us to our history, inspiring us to greatness, or, sometimes, just giving us an excuse to have a great time together.

But above all, a commitment to making the world a better place will form the heart of your Barry University learning experience. Communal transformation and collaborative service are what makes us tick.

So don't be surprised if you find yourself joining in on service projects for Habitat for Humanity or Best Buddies. Or restoring an endangered mangrove beach or reef. Learning the art of organic urban farming. Helping a local homeless shelter serve its hungry, or even helping a distant community rebuild after natural disaster strikes.

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