Specialist Programs

Educational Leadership (EdS)

Earn an advanced degree with Level I Florida state certification in Educational Leadership (for individuals who already hold a master's degree). This is a state approved program.

adsoe; eds; Education

Educational Leadership without certification (EdS)

Earn a specialist degree to meet specific leadership career qualifications in both the public and private sectors. This program is for those who do not hold a professional teaching certificate.

adsoe; eds; Education

Montessori (EdS) Specialization in Elementary Education

This degree prepares one to implement a holistic, personalized, self-paced, hands-on developmentally appropriate curriculum for children (ages six through twelve) using the Montessori Method.

adsoe; eds; Education

School Psychology, Specialist degree (SSP)

This degree program is designed for students who wish to work closely with individuals from birth to age 21 in the school environment.