UAV (DRONES) Technologies Program

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drones) technologies are rapidly being leveraged by businesses seeking the benefits drones provide to their commercial endeavors. The cost of UAV technologies has steadily decreased precipitating an exponential increase in the ownership of drones. Industries aligned to benefit from UAV use include realtors, crop management companies, cellular tower and building inspectors, cinematographers, law enforcement, and emergency responders.

Target: Early adopters of FAA rule 107 allowing commercial operation of small UAVs. Realtors, inspection companies, photographers, videographers, law enforcement, and first responders.

Technology: PC or MAC computer, tablet device and or smartphone.

Course Path:

Introduction to UAVs course: Introduction to drones, associations, FAA licensing, insurance, ethical and legal operation of UAVs.

UAV Operation course: Classroom and lab instruction in preflight planning, logging, safety check, software installation, software maintenance, drone maintenance, and basic flight controls, correction, and maneuvers.

UAV Cinematography course: Classroom and lab instruction in drone photography and videography techniques. Post production of images and video and integration into industry reports, social media, and websites.