WordPress Design Program

WordPress is the world’s most popular website creation platform. The WordPress platform, currently manages 75 million websites from blogs, to portfolios, podcasts, and full-featured commercial websites. WordPress is feature rich, robust, and the chosen platform for fortune 500 companies including eBay, Sony, GM UPS, Forbes, CNN, Reuters Samsung, IBM and the New York Times.

Target: Marketing, social media, design, and technology professionals charged with designing and managing content for websites. Website designers with limited programming experience in HTML, CSS, PhP, and MySQL.

Technology: PC or MAC computer, web browser, web server access.

Course Path:

Introduction to WordPress course: Introduction to the WordPress content management system, installation of WordPress, use of themes, media, widgets, and plug-ins. Course outcomes include the installation and creation of a responsive design theme basic website.

Managing WordPress Sites course: Concepts and processes to safely manage the design and content of WordPress themes and widgets via Dashboard is introduced. Simple HTML5 and PhP coding tags are introduced to further manage websites.

Blogging & Commerce course: Installing and managing widgets to add eCommerce and Blogging functionality in WordPress is introduced. Industry standard RSS feeds, podcasting files, and blogging posts are investigated.