Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

CCPS is here to support you. There is no one reason why a person seeks counseling. It isn’t always in response to crisis or a traumatic event. Sometimes the issue that brings students to CCPS may be as simple as time management or more involved such as relationship concerns, grief, anxiety, or depression. Recognizing and seeking the support that will assist you in living a life that you want is a sign of strength.

CCPS COUNSELORS are experienced professionals who understand that you are unique. A counselor will help you to establish a plan to develop positive mental health practices, set and reach personal goals, and most importantly improve YOUR quality of life.

There are times when a person's needs exceed our scope of practice, or a person wants to receive counseling but would feel more comfortable seeing someone not part of the Barry community. In either scenario, CCPS will help make the appropriate referrals.

The Mission

THE CENTER FOR COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES strives to provide thorough and personalized treatment to each Barry University Student who seeks services. CCPS is a safe and supportive space for students regardless of their faith, sex, sexuality, gender identity, or ethnic background. CCPS will raise awareness and promote a campus culture of inclusion.