Placement Testing FAQ

What is the purpose of the placement testing?

Placement tests may be required prior to registration for some courses to ensure you register for the appropriate course to maximize your success in college.

How can I find out if my most recent SAT or ACT results have been received by Barry?

If you have questions about whether Barry has received your SAT or ACT scores, contact your admissions counselor.

I am transferring credits to Barry from another institution. Do I need to take placement tests?

That depends on how many and what credits are accepted as transfer credits, and your major at Barry. In general, if you have earned an associate’s degree or have completed at least one college-level math and one college-level English course, you probably will not need to take math, English, or reading placement tests. However, depending on your major, you may need to take chemistry, foreign language, or a math placement test. Discuss this with your academic advisor.

Can I receive accommodations, such as extended time, for placement tests?

If you are eligible to receive accommodations for testing or have received accommodations for testing in the past, you may be eligible to receive these accommodations for placement testing.  However, you must first register with the Barry University Office of Accessibility Services in order to be afforded these accommodations during placement testing.  Please visit the Barry University Office of Accessibility Services website to register with the office and submit appropriate documentation, or contact them at 305-899-3056 or accessibilityservices@barry.edu.

Are there study guides for any of the placement tests to help me prepare?

Yes.  There is a study guide for the Math Placement Test as well as for the Chemistry Placement Test.  You can access these guides through your myBarry Dashboard or contact the Testing Center in CASA at

Is it possible to take an English placement test to see if I can test out of ENG 095?

According to Barry University’s policy, only those students who do not have SAT and/or ACT scores and who earned an average of ‘B’ in junior and senior level high school English are eligible to take the English Challenge test. If you need more information on this matter, please contact the Director of First-Year Writing, Dr. Paige Banaji at pbanaji@barry.edu.

How much time should I plan to spend for placement testing?

The amount of time you spend testing during orientation depends on the test(s) you are required to take and those you choose to take. All tests are timed. You may be finished with some tests before the time limit. The table below summarizes the various tests and the maximum time allowed for each.

May I use my cellphone during testing?

No. Cellphones must be turned off and put away for the entire duration of testing.

My friend does not have to take as many placement tests as i do. Why?

Determination of which tests you must or may take is individualized and based on your SAT or ACT scores, your academic performance in certain courses in high school, and your major; therefore, some students may take more or different tests than others.

I have been notified that i must take a reading placement test. Why do I have to take a reading test?

All students who place into ENG-095 are required to take the Reading placement test.  Effective reading skills are essential for college success. Students who may benefit from guided instruction to develop reading comprehension and fluency skills in order to manage the rigor of required college texts will enroll in SI 010, a 1-credit course.

This 20-minute test, consisting of reading seven short passages and responding to 38 multiple-choice questions about the content of these passages, will determine whether or not a student enrolls in SI 010.

What is the purpose of the Math placement test?

The results of the Math Placement test will identify the Barry University mathematics course(s) that best match your current mathematics skills.

May I take the Math placement test more than once?

Yes, the Math Placement test may be taken more than once. However, the second attempt must be taken no less than 30 days after the date when the first test was taken. 

Why can’t i use a calculator during the Math placement test?

In order to ensure accurate assessment of one’s mathematical knowledge and skills, use of calculators for testing is prohibited.

I must take the General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis (CHE 111) course for my major. I understand I must take a placement test for this. Is this correct?

Yes. Students who must enroll in CHE 111 are required to take a Chemistry Placement Test to determine their first Chemistry course placement.

Why do I have to take a Foreign Language placement test?

Students who plan to register for their first Spanish or French course at Barry University must take a Foreign Language Placement test to determine appropriate course placement. Taking one semester of a foreign language is a requirement for many majors.

I don’t know any Spanish or French. Can’t I simply register for the first course?

No. A Foreign Language Placement Test score is required of all students registered for their first foreign language course.

When will I receive my test scores?

Math, Chemistry, and Foreign Language placement tests are scored on the same day in which they are taken. Scores are made available to advisors via AIS, Self-Service, and Salesforce within one hour after testing was completed.  English and Reading placement tests are scored within 48 hours after completing the test and results are then made available to advisors via AIS, Self-Service, and Salesforce.

I still have questions about placement testing. Whom may i contact?

You may contact the Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA) at 305-899-3687 or contact the Testing Center Manager, Dr. Olena Drozd at odrozd@barry.edu for questions about Placement Testing.

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