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The Internet Mathematics Library - search by math topic, resource type

American Mathematical Society - Provides information to further mathematical research and scholarship. Includes archives, information on publications of the AMS, career development resources, information on meetings and conferences, and links to other sites. A non-profit organization.

Math Archives - Provides access to materials for the teaching of mathematics. Includes educational software, tutorials, and explanations of concepts, organized by topic. A search engine is available. An educational organization funded chiefly by the National Science Foundation.

History of Mathematics Archive - search the biography index, history topic index, famous curves index, or read about mathematicians of the day. Click on the appropriate link:

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - a useful site for information on applied mathematics. This site gives you information on all books and journals published by SIAM and all upcoming conferences. You can subscribe to SIAM to receive better services.

Selected math Resources by Subject - these collections represent only what they believe are the best Internet resources for each topic: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, pre-calc, prob./stat.

The Mathematics Forum - An Online Math Education Community Center.

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