Financing Employee Education 101

Corporate Partners

Non-Credit Programs

As your partner in growing your company’s talent, Barry University is committed to making every employee’s education affordable. Through federal and state aid and grant programs, loans, and generous repayment plans, our students get the benefit of an excellent education and professional development from a private university at a fraction of the cost. And, when covered by your company, that cost is tax-deductible!

How Barry University Offsets Tuition Costs:

  • Barry’s unique Portfolio Program enables undergraduate students to pursue the curriculum they need by recognizing work experience as a valid replacement for introductory or ancillary courses.

  • Students are often surprised to learn that they qualify for grants that significantly reduce the cost of their tuition and never require repayment. A FAFSA form must be submitted by the student to take advantage of this aid.

  • Our dedicated VA Liaison works with military personnel to bring down tuition costs through using military benefits.

  • If your employee has lived in the state of Florida for at least 12 months, they’re eligible for EASE, the Effective Access to Student Education grant program that provides tuition assistance to full-time undergraduate students at approximately $2,841 per academic year.

  • We accept external scholarships. You’ll work with your friendly financial aid counselor to apply that aid to your account.

How you can Help

Tuition Payment or Reimbursement
It’s no secret that supporting job training and development through tuition payment or reimbursement is good for business. Employees who gain work-related education through their employer overwhelmingly tend to stay in their jobs and even expand their leadership capacity. As an added bonus, financing worker education comes with major tax benefits!

To find out more about how Barry can be your partner in educating your workforce, get in touch!

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