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Africana Studies

Many archaeologists and anthropologists note that the birthplace of civilization is Alkebulan. Today many people know Alkebulan as Africa. We all can claim rights to the continent, despite our apparent racial and ethnic differences.

We can see the influence of African civilization in our dance, foods, languages, martial arts, music, religions, spiritual practices, and even full moon drum circles. Ah yes, Alkebulan-Mother Africa is home to all of Us. It is time for Us to learn more about the birthplace of civilization from an artistic, humanistic, linguistic, religious, sociological, and psychological perspective

Pamela Hall

Pamela D. Hall, Ph.D. Director of the Africana Studies Program

Message from the Director

“Welcome to the Africana Studies Minor. We, the faculty and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Karen Callaghan, promise you courses that will enlighten and expand your understanding of Africans from the Diaspora.”

Why Africana Studies?

Here are three reasons why you should minor in Africana Studies:

  1. Gain knowledge and perspectives about the African Diaspora through the disciplines of English, Fine Arts, History, Humanities, Sociology, Psychology, and Theology.
  2. Increase the range of career opportunities by using your Africana Studies training as an entryway to graduate degrees and careers in advertising, community organizing, education, human resources, journalism, law, medicine, politics, public policy, public health, social work, and many more.
  3. Develop critical thinking skills and cultural humility to contextualize how African and diasporic experiences intersect with class, ethnicity, gender, race, and other social identities.

Africana Studies' objective is to widen and strengthen African diasporic culture, tradition, and values. If you didn't know, now you know! Our Africana Studies program offers an up-to-date curriculum highlighting African, African American, Latin America, and Caribbean people's histories. By connecting the past with the present, the roots with the branches, Africana Studies at Barry virtually connects the past with the present and the present with the future. By understanding who we are, we will manifest the dreams of those who tilled the soil, planted and water the seeds as they traveled throughout the world, and landed in America. Let us continue our ancestors' tradition by planting seeds of love, peace, equity, and justice through our symbiotic exchange of knowledge about the African Diaspora.

Program Description

The Africana Studies program is an interdisciplinary academic program designed to develop an understanding of the impact and contributions African American, Caribbean, and African peoples have made to world society and culture. Course offerings engage the historical, literary, social, economic, and political perspectives of African Diaspora people.

Students will complete 21 credit hours for the minor from courses offered through the Departments of Sociology and Criminology, History and Political Science, English and Foreign Languages, Psychology, and Fine Arts. In addition, the Africana Studies Director has the discretion to approve relevant courses from other departments not listed below to fulfill the minor's requirements. The core courses are fixed, and students can choose two of the eight elective courses.

Curriculum Course Schedule

Top Stories

  • Evening of Honors April 03, 2023

    Dr. Pamela Hall was invited to host the 7th Annual Evening of Honors event for the City of North Miami. She shared the stage with the Mayor of the City, other city officials, and Cool and Dre, the legendary and three-time Grammy-winning songwriters and record producers, both from North Miami.

How to Apply

Please fill out each section of the Change of Minor Form and under the Change of Academic section put your current major, under the From section and under the To section you should put current major and add minor (Africana Studies). The last step would be to get appropriate signatures according to the form.

Change of Minor Form

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