Biochemistry Specialization

Chemistry (BS)

Chemistry (BS) Biochemistry Specialization

The Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with a specialization in biochemistry provides students with a strong background and preparation in current practices in biochemical processes. This training prepares students for graduate study in biochemistry, pre-professional fields such as pre-medicine, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary as well as for employment in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors and chemistry teaching. The degree requires a thorough foundation in chemistry with additional courses in biology, physics and calculus to complete the educational preparation.

Students interested in graduate study in biochemistry are strongly encouraged to choose physical chemistry (CHE 356, 357, and 366) for part of their elective chemistry courses. Many graduate schools require a semester or a year (depending on the school) of physical chemistry.

  • CHE 321 Quantitative Analysis (4)
  • CHE 352/352L Biochemistry I (4)
  • CHE 353 Biochemistry II (3)
  • CHE 360/360L Inorganic Chemistry (4)
  • CHE 490 Senior Seminar (2)
  • CHE Electives 300 and above (6)
  • BIO 104/104L Biological Foundations (4)
  • BIO 330/330L Cell Biology (4)
  • BIO 341/341L Genetics (4)
  • BIO 325/325L Microbiology (4)
  • MAT 212 Calculus II (4)

Total: 43 credits

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